Why The Absence of Bosses is Tough

Imagine applying to a company where there is no boss.

You can choose what you can work at and nobody will need to approve your vacation leaves. It sounds great in the beginning but it will begin to get ridiculous in due time. Without bosses, you’ll have no person to guide you. Who’s going to be there to correct you when you’re wrong? Despite popular belief, your colleagues won’t do that. Besides, how are they going to benefit from correcting someone when they can work on developing themselves?


They may just be helping the competitor. Yes, you’ve heard stories of how bosses can be tough but they’re doing it for the good of the company. They have no choice but to discipline those who are under them. If they don’t do that, the company won’t succeed. Like it or not, you need to suck up to your BaDoink VR bosses to succeed in the corporate world. Besides, there are a lot of people who are after the same thing.

Yes, the sound of not having any bosses may be tempting but without them, the company will be in chaos.


There will be nobody who will instruct everyone to continuously implement the company’s guidelines including the dress code. Yes, bosses can change their mood from fun and playful one day to strict and hard to get along with on the day after. They’re hard to understand but you need to obey what they say to get that promotion. In all of the onlyallsitesdiscount.com companies, it’s not about working hard alone. It’s also about bringing coffee to your boss’ table. Sometimes, it’s not even coffee they’re craving for. It’s a bag of chips coupled with a can of grape soda. Yes, you need to know what your boss likes. It’s not part of your job responsibilities but part of it is fully knowing your bosses. Of course, it’s something that’s not going to take a few months. It’s going to take a year or maybe even two years. It would also be helpful if you get close to your colleagues and ask them about your boss.

If you decide to work for a company that has no bosses, you’ll probably not know what to do next.

You may not even know if what you’re doing is right or wrong. One company tried to do this and their ex-employees cursed them for it. They hired employees and when they didn’t think they were getting any benefits from them, they immediately fired them. Of course, they can do what they want since it’s their company but they have to feel for those employees.

Besides, nobody likes getting fired as everyone has bills to pay. Some people even have families so it’s hard to imagine how they would pay for their children’s tuition fees if they get fired. When people get fired, it’s hard to find another AmKingdom job because they need to think of what they’ll say when they get asked what happened to their previous employer. It’s certainly not a good situation to be in.